MMG, located in Szekszárd (South-West Hungary), is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of mechanical and electro-mechanical devices since 1965. The factory-site itself lies in the northern part of the town, near the Danube Bridge.
The company’s main production profile is manufacturing liquid-filled temperature controllers and limiters (thermostats). This activity started in 1973 with a cooperation-project, and since then has evolved into a core competence with constant product-development.
Following the rapidly changing market-demands, MMG today offers a large and versatile product family.
Our devices are suitable for electric or gas-fuelled boilers, domestic cooking ovens and oil heaters, automatic washing or dishwashing machines, boilers, saunas, or various other heaters.

The activity is ISO 9001 certified, while the products carry ENEC certificates.

Based on in-house technological competence, since 2001. the company is also involved in a cooperation-activity related to the production of components for the automobile-industry.